How many hours a day should I practice skateboarding?

Skateboarding is an exciting street sport. Suppose you are good at skateboarding and can perform difficult techniques. That is something to be proud of. However, no one skates well without a lot of practice. How many hours for a day can I practice skateboarding? Join us to find the correct answer in this article!

How many hours for a day should I practice skateboarding?

Three to six hours for a day is suitable for you. 

But, the exact answer will depend on your skateboarding goals:

  • You should practice skateboarding for 1-2 hours a day if you play skateboards for fun.

  • If you want to become a professional skater, 4-6 hours a day will be a reasonable amount of time to practice skateboarding. You can practice more than that number of hours in a day if your body and mind are good.

Practicing skateboarding every day will help you improve your skills

Not all skateboarders have the same goals. Some people skateboard because they want to have fun after a stressful time. Or they feel interested in this exciting sport. They have no passion for becoming professional skaters.

On the contrary, some people skateboard for their passion and dreams. They want to be professional skaters. They hope that they can conquer all the difficult skateboarding techniques.

It is these differences that will lead to different training needs. You too! I am sure that not everyone can spend a lot of time in a day practicing skateboarding. We still have to work, and we still have to study...

But for professional skaters, it's different. They can spend more time on this subject and can practice as much as possible. They will improve more skills.

However, we need to pay attention to our health. It is not possible to practice skateboarding for many hours a day. It can make you tired and depressed.

For those who skateboard, it's for fun. Practicing for 1 to 2 hours a day will put them in a good mood. It also helps them not forget the basic techniques and improves their ability to slide on all terrains.

In short, with each different purpose of using a skateboard. You will have time to practice skateboarding appropriately. 

Practicing skateboarding every day will help you improve your skills and maintain your form. However, it would be best if you exercised at a moderate level, not overdo it.

Why should I practice skateboarding every day?

Any successful result is a constant effort to study and practice. Skateboarding too! Even you need to practice harder with this subject.

Practicing skateboarding every day will create a habit for your muscles

Increase muscle memory

The techniques in skateboarding require players to practice every day. It helps create a familiar feel to the muscles. Exercise also helps the reflexes of the muscles become more flexible.

Experts have also confirmed this case to be accurate. Human muscles can remember. Our muscles usually have the ability to remember if they work over and over again with an action. It's like a habit or an unconditioned reflex.

Practicing skateboarding every day will create a habit for your muscles. In all situations, they can handle themselves more flexibly.

Daily skateboarding practice helps us not to forget the techniques we have done. From there, you will master better skateboarding techniques.

Increase skills

Skateboarding skills are not something that comes naturally. You need to practice every day to develop more skills.

You can learn skills from your instructor or through videos. However, if you do not practice regularly. You will only stop at the level of knowing what to do without becoming good at it.

The daily practice also helps to increase reflexes and situation handling skills. In each training session, you can learn more skills of your partner. This is also an advantage if you practice in groups.

Breakthrough to a new level

If you keep practicing, your level will increase. Your hard work will pay off.

Learning from previous failures helps your skateboarding skills level up

You can't perform this technique well today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow,]... After persistently practicing, you will surely perform well.

After each failure, there will be a time you have more lessons. Learning from previous failures helps your skateboarding skills level up. Breakthrough with many difficult and new techniques will not be far away.

Mental training

Daily skateboarding practice is also a way to help you train your mind. Skateboarding has become familiar to you. So you won't feel any pressure when performing complex techniques.

Especially in matches. Spirituality is a significant factor. Regular practice will give you more confidence. Work with getting used to the intensity of daily exercise. They will help you to be optimistic and win.

The pro tips to help you practice skateboarding more safely and effectively

Not everyone is born knowing everything. People have to study and practice to know and get better. Many people think that practicing a lot without proper methods will not have good results. This view is partly correct.

Observe how people around you handle problems and learn from them

So, we need to practice skateboarding properly and hard. Some tips will help make the process easier, safer, and more effective. Check out the following with us!

Observe the people around

If you often go skateboarding with friends. Please take a moment to observe them. Everybody has a different way of skateboarding. So, they also have different handling.

Observe how people around you handle problems and learn from them. It will help you improve your skateboarding skills significantly.

Regularly practice difficult techniques

When you have mastered the basic skills of skateboarding. It would help if you increased the difficulty of the exercises. Especially difficult techniques.

You should practice difficult techniques over and over again to master them. If for a long time you forget the problematic techniques. Chances are you won't reimplement them perfectly.

Regularly practicing complicated techniques will help you improve your skateboarding ability. From there, it is easy to break through to a higher level of skateboarding.

You should practice difficult techniques over and over again to master them 

Learn to fall

Accidents happen when skateboarding is inevitable. Falling causes injuries that will affect your health and training schedule. A painful fall can put you off training for a few days.

Instead of falling in pain and injury, you should learn how to fall. Right! Lowering will help you avoid unnecessary injuries. 

For example, when you lose your balance and fall, roll a few laps on the ground by inertia. It will reduce the injuries to your body.

Practice in quiet places

Whether you're a skateboarder or a pro. Places without people and vehicles will be more conducive to practice.

Sometimes the obstacles that suddenly appear will cause many problems. Sometimes they make you lose focus. Unnecessary collisions can happen if your surroundings are too crowded.

Wear protective gear

One of the very important things when skateboarding is protective gear. They protect you from many types of injuries.

Protective gear can protect you from many types of injuries

Skateboarding is a pretty risky sport. Falls or bumps can injure your body.

Protect them with helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, or guards. They can keep you safe. Even if there is a collision, they also help you reduce injury to a minimum.

Frequently asked questions

1. How long does it take me to learn a skateboarding trick?

There is no exact answer to your question. There are many different tricks in skateboarding. Their ease and difficulty are also not the same. 

Like basic skating techniques or dance steps or swings in the air. They all have different difficulty levels.

Each skateboard trick with different difficulty will affect how long you learn it. It may take you a month to learn difficult tricks. But it only takes one to two weeks to learn the basic tricks.

It also depends on your aptitude and will to practice. Maybe you have a talent for skateboarding, and it just got easier. Great passion and hard work also help you shorten the time.

2. Will my skateboard affect my practice?

Yes! Skateboards are an essential part of your training. You should choose the type of skateboard that suits your ability and style of skateboarding.

A suitable skateboard will help you practice more effectively.

3. Should I practice skateboarding with a coach?

Practice skateboarding with a coach if you can. They will share with you their experiences in how to play. Their knowledge helps you practice correctly.

It may take you less time for a procedure if you have an instructor. Your training session will also become more effective.


Skateboarding practice is essential. It helps you improve your skateboarding skills and level. You should persevere and practice hard to achieve many exemplary achievements. How many hours should I practice skateboarding?

We have given the correct shares and answers for you. Hopefully, you will have practical and quality training sessions!

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