Student Leadership Committee

The IEEE Sensors Council is seeking volunteer members for its new Student Leadership Committee.  As a student attendee of IEEE SENSORS 2013, you are eligible to join this initiative.  Requirements for membership are that you be:

1)  Actively engaged in a program of study that involves sensor technology research, development, and/or application.

2)  Willing to engage with other students and with sensor professionals at the annual IEEE SENSORS Conference by attending the conference at least once every three years.

3)  A volunteer to assist the IEEE SENSORS Conference Organizing committee in the conduct of the conferences by serving as a technical advisor to platform presentation sessions, guiding conference participants to specific venue locations, evaluating presentations for best student paper award selection, and/or similar activities.

Priority will be given to students in an engineering academic program at a university or college that has an active IEEE student branch.

If you are interested in joining this committee, please view the time slots (highlighted) complete the attached form and return it to Chris Dyer ( along with the time(s) that you are able assist at the registration check-in counters and/or assist as a technical advisor to platform presentation sessions. At the registration counters, you will be asked to assist in handing out badges and conference bags to attendees. As a technical advisor to platform presentation sessions, you will be asked to assist initiating and monitoring screen capture software on the presentation computers for the lecture sessions. You will receive further details as the conference approached. 

We look forward to seeing you in Baltimore!

Troy Nagle
IEEE Sensors Council Awards Chair