What is Carving on a Longboard? How to do it


If you are a longboarding enthusiast, you will understand the techniques of this sport. This is not an easy sport. It takes practice and perseverance to perform the techniques beautifully. Carving is a difficult technique of longboarding. This technique shows the level of an experienced player. So, what is Carving on a Longboard?


What is Carving on a Longboard?

Carving is a basic technique of both skateboarding and longboarding. Carving’s technique is like surfing in the ocean (surf-like riding style). It shows the curve and speed. Players must ensure both technical and artistic skills to perform carving.

When going up or downhill, they have to control their speed by making sharp turns. Even when you skate long on flat surfaces, you must maintain these movements naturally. Carving will create beautiful turns that only experienced players can perform.

What is Carving on a Longboard

Carving is a basic technique of both skateboarding and longboarding

How to carve on a Longboard?

The goal when carving on a longboard is to steer the longboard in beautiful curves. You’ll have to control speed and weight to make successive and beautiful turns. We will detail how to make carving on your longboard for you.

First, you have to do rail shifting by flexing your legs. Your legs should move smoothly from one rail to another. On each edge of the longboard, you must shift your center of gravity from your toes to your heels.

Next, you make the longboard tilt to one side in a uniform motion. Apply force to the longboards to turn the wheel. This makes your longboard tilt in the direction you want. The more gravity you put on the rails, the smoother the movement of the longboard will be.

Next Step

To carve on the edge and heel, you must stand with your feet close together. Then have someone push from behind. Which foot you favor, will step that foot forward.

What is Carving on a Longboard

You have to press your toes against the rails to keep your balance. To adjust the longboard to the left, press your toe in the direction of the right rail. 

Conversely, if you press your toe in the direction of the left rail, the longboard will point to the right. You have to do successive rounds like that by shifting gravity back and forth between your toes. Only then can you successfully perform carving.

For those who are just starting to practice carving, they only adjust the heel, foot, and toe. Professional skaters must make sure to carve the most skillful S-curves. This requires them to move their whole body in a rhythmic manner. Their heads, shoulders, hips, and legs have to switch flexibly to be effective.

When performing the next carving turns, you have to perform rotations. This is also the most difficult operation to perform carving longboard. 

First, turn your head toward your goal. Whichever side you favor more will turn in that direction. Next, you perform a shoulder rotation and throw in that direction. At the same time, you have to adjust your toes to the rails so that the longboard rotates with you. 

Finally, keep your knees bent and your back bent for the best balance. Now, continue to do the above operations to carve along the most artistic curves.

What is Carving on a Longboard

You must keep your knees bent and your back bent for the best balance

Some tips for carving on your longboard

You must always focus on full-body movement when carving longboard. Especially with the rhythmic movement of your feet. Many people are familiar with horseback riding. They only focus on shoulder movements and forget to move their legs.

Many people make the mistake of using too much force to lean forward or to the sides. This caused them to lose their balance and rush out of the skate area. Depending on the weight and length of the longboard, you can adjust the force accordingly.

During carving longboard, you must not let your heel come off the skateboard. Many people often make this mistake when focusing on their toes to adjust the skateboard. If you can’t find the right pressure on the rails, keep your toes in contact with the deck.

Once you can master the basic movements of carving, practice it often. Hard work and perseverance are key to being able to carve professionally. Therefore, even if you fall many times, do not be discouraged. Injury is inevitable when playing this particular sport.

After you have mastered the basic operations of carving, you should upgrade your level. That is lowering the center of gravity in the carving process. Raise and lower your body in a rhythmic manner to create the most beautiful curves.

Some other longboard techniques you should know

  • Ollie

This is one of the basic techniques. It should be the technique you should learn first. This is the core of the more complex techniques that come later.

  • Nollie

Next, you should have Nollie, also known as Nose Ollie. This trick is similar to Ollie’s. Instead of turning on the tail, you will bounce with the tip of the board.

  • Shuvit and Pop Shuvit

This is one of the most popular and popular techniques for many years. This technique combines hitting the tailboard and jumping. The board will rotate 180*. This is a very easy technique that you just need to practice many times.

  • Frontside 180*

Once you’ve mastered Ollie and Pop shuvit, hone your skills with the Frontside 180* technique. You have to make sure that you are really confident with the techniques above. You will be in the same position as Ollie. Then hit a force from the shoulder to the back 180* combined with the hips and legs.

  • Backside 180*

Backside 180 is a combination of jumping and rotating the board in front of you at an angle of 180*. This is an important trick on the shoulder. If your shoulders and hips don’t rotate enough 180, it will be difficult to do.

  • Kickflip

This is the most difficult of the basic tricks. Kickflip is a combination of jumping and gliding in the air for a one-round flip board. To do that requires you to be sure of the above techniques. If you are successful with Kickflip, you have reached a new level.

Above is all the information about carving on the longboard that you should learn. We hope that it will help you in practicing this technique. We will have interesting experiences with the techniques of longboarding.

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