How to Not Get Speed ​​Wobbles on a Skateboard?


Skateboarding is fun and also contains many unexpected elements, one of which is speed wobbles. It can happen at any time on a skateboard. You may not be able to handle the situation in time because it happens so quickly. So what causes speed wobbles on a skateboard? How to not get speed wobbles on a skateboard?


Why Get Speed ​​Wobbles on a Skateboard?

There are many different reasons for getting speed wobbles on a skateboard. However, some of the most prominent reasons are:

  • Loose truck
  • The front truck is tighter than the rear truck
  • Put your foot in the wrong place
  • Leaving the body’s center of gravity too high when sliding
  • Putting too much body weight on the back of the skateboard

Your skateboarding posture can affect a lot of things

The skateboard parts have a lot of influence on the stability of the board when moving, especially the truck. A loose or tight truck can create unexpected speed wobbles.

Loose trucks are the leading cause of the skateboard’s erratic movement. When moving at high speed, the instability will be even more apparent. At this point, it can suddenly knock you out of the deck.

Another cause is your skateboarding posture. Your skateboarding posture can affect a lot of things. It will directly affect the center of gravity, the weight on the skateboard, or the way your feet stand on the board.

If you think that small details on the body do not affect skateboarding, you are wrong. When your posture changes, the force acting on the skateboard also changes. Maybe it’s off-center or too much weight in one position.

Even the uneven tightening of the truck or the standing position on the skateboard when moving, you need to pay attention. A few small mistakes can also cause speed-wobbles to happen, and you can be in danger.

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How to Not Get Speed ​​Wobbles on a Skateboard?

To avoid speed wobbles on a skateboard, you can take the following measures:

  • Tighten the truck
  • Change foot position
  • Lower the body’s center of gravity
  • Leaning the body forward
  • Practice skateboarding more
  • Calm and comfortable

Any unexpected situation that occurs when skateboarding can be dangerous for you. Speed ​​wobbles are one of those bad situations. You need to have a solution or prevent it from happening.

Tighten Trucks

You must tighten the truck moderately 

The first and simplest thing you may do is inspect the truck and tighten it. Skateboard experts suggest that 80% of speed wobbles on skateboards are due to loose trucks.

Maybe the liquid truck will give more freedom in the skateboard direction, but it is also quite dangerous. It does not provide the needed stability for the skateboard to move.

If the front truck is tighter than the rear truck, the rear truck will shift more forcefully. Unbalanced action from either side can create speed wobbles and knock you out.

So you must tighten the truck moderately and tighten both the truck in front and the truck in the back.

Changing the Position of the Feet

You have to put your front foot in front of the skateboard more

The position of your feet when you’re standing on the skateboard can also create speed wobbles if something goes wrong. Many people put the front foot in the center of the deck and the back foot above the truck in the back. That way of setting foot is a mistake!

Placing your front foot in the center of the deck will cause your center of gravity or bodyweight to shift too much to the back. You may not feel it, but it’s true.

You have to put your front foot in front of the skateboard more. The distance between the feet should be shoulder-width apart. You may not need to put your back and front feet too far. But your feet need to be positioned where you feel comfortable and in the right way.

Lowering the Body’s Center of Gravity

You need to lower your center of gravity

Speed ​​wobbles are happening maybe because your center of gravity is too high. When your center of gravity is high, it can make things a lot harder to control. It is easy to cause a loss of balance when the skateboard is moving.

You need to lower your center of gravity by stooping, bending your knees, or leaning forward slightly. Those actions can immediately lower your focus. It also helps the skateboard stop wobbling, and you control the skateboard more easily.

Leaning the Body Forward

You should learn to put more pressure into your front leg

Another problem that makes the skateboard unstable and creates unexpected speed wobbles is the weight. When skateboarding, many people often lean backward. That action will put your body weight mainly on the back of the skateboard.

The heavier you put on the rear, the more pressure the truck and the rear bushings will put under pressure. It is not a good thing. The truck behind will turn more and cause instability.

The best thing you should do is lean forward while skateboarding. This way, you can distribute your weight more evenly on the skateboard. Both trucks working together will bring better efficiency.

You should also not put too much force on your back leg, but learn to put more pressure into your front leg.

More Skateboarding Practice

Speed ​​wobbles often happen unexpectedly. Everyone will find it challenging to handle unexpected situations. Many times you have not understood what is happening. The skateboard has knocked you out.

To handle these unexpected situations better, you should practice more. Regular practice will help you improve your skills and ability to control the skateboard. That way, when speed wobbles come unexpectedly, you can easily handle it.

You need to stay calm every time 

Calm and Comfortable

Mental stability when skateboarding also plays a significant role in avoiding speed wobbles. When things come suddenly, especially a wobble, many people will have an unconditioned reflex of leaning back or swinging their arms.

You may not know that such reflexes will bring more danger to you. Confusion will frustrate your limbs and lead to even more severe speed wobbles.

You need to stay calm every time there is a wobble. Although you will be a little scared the first few times, calm will help you handle the situation better.

Being calm and relaxed can give you more confidence when moving. At this point, even if you encounter speed-wobbles, you can handle it well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a dent in the road or small stones or gravel cause speed-wobbles?

Maybe! Dimples in the pavement or small rocks can cause skateboard wheels to wobble. If you are traveling at high speed, this wobble will occur more and more.

To overcome, you need to pay more attention while skateboarding, and should avoid bad and rocky roads.

2. Is it possible to tackle speed wobbles on longboards like in skateboards?

You can do that. Although skateboards and longboards are two different types of boards, the solution is the same. You can find all sorts of problems on longboards like skateboards. You can also solve issues appearing speed wobbles on a longboard similar to a skateboard.

3. How should I change the bushing to prevent speed wobbles?

The bushing is like a truck. It can affect the stability of the skateboard when moving. If the fault comes from the bushing, you should replace the bushings with higher humidity to limit speed wobbles. It can minimize speed wobbles to the maximum extent.

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Unexpected speed wobbles, while you are moving the skateboard, can happen often. It can harm you. You should take some measures to avoid speed wobbles on skateboards.

Above is all the information that wants to share with you. I hope it helps you skate better!

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